Gears 6, the Coalition is looking for developers for motion capture?

A new job ad suggests it!

It just looks like that The Coalition is about to kick off the actual development of Gears 6what is supposed to be the direct sequel to Gears 5 ready to hit the market all over the world exclusively on Xbox consoles and Windows PCs.

Well, according to the information that emerged on the net in these hours, the American development team recently published a job advertisement for a technician motion capturespecifically to work on the franchise of Gears of War.

Obviously, no explicit mention is given to Gears 6, but it’s safe to assume that the title at the center of this new job posting may be the sixth installment in the series. In fact, in December 2021 The Coalition he was also trying to recruit a design director, again for the saga starring Marcus and his companions, with the announcement mentioning how the candidate would “modeled and guided our PVP and PVE experiences live on future titles“.

The Coalition seems to be ready to start the Gears 6 Motion Capture sessions

In any case, it seems that the studio is still in the very early stages of production, but in this sense it is important to remember that The Coalition is known for working on multiple projects, one of which is a new IP.

Recent leaks have revealed that the new IP will be launched before the developer shifts the focus to Gears 6 and it will be a smaller and more experimental project, which will allow the development team belonging to the Xbox Game Studios to familiarize yourself adequately with theUnreal Engine 5.

Interestingly, a recent leak also revealed that a remastered collection of GoWsimilar to the Halo: The Master Chief Collection.