GameStop, PlayStation 5 on sale today June 15th

Sony’s new console is possible for purchase today bundled with other products

Anyone who is not yet in possession of one PlayStation 5they can try to buy it today directly on the site of GameStop, which makes a limited number of consoles available for purchase. There PlayStation 5 in standard edition (the model with the optical reader) can be purchased with the same formula as that adopted in recent weeks for the same initiative: to sell the console in a bundle with other products related to it and availability will be announced on Twitch.

PlayStation 5 will be available for purchase on the GameStop website today

We would like to clarify that this initiative will start at 4 pm today 15 June via the official website of GameStop. As on other occasions, there will be a live broadcast on the channel Twitch from GameStop, during which it will be announced when the console will actually be available for purchase on their site. Since stocks will be very limited this time too, the advice we would like to give you is to follow the direct from the beginningin order to be ready to place the order when the possibility of doing so is announced.

It was announced that the PlayStation 5 in standard edition will be sold with a bundle, although no details have yet been revealed on what the aforementioned bundle includes. Either way, it is very likely to be sold in a bundle worth around 700 eurosas happened for the last initiative held in1st of June.

In that case, in fact, the PlayStation 5 Digital was sold as a bundle with a DualSense Controller, Pulse 3D Headphones, Remote Control, Play & Charge Cable, Trust Stand Headset and a PlayStation Network Card worth 50 euros, all for the price of 649.98 euros. So it is very likely that a similar bundle will be re-proposed and at a price that does not differ excessively from the one mentioned above.