GameStop, employees are tired of babysitting children

Some GameStop employees can no longer bear having to babysit children left alone in stores.

In these hours, the new controversy regarding the well-known retailer has sprung up on the net GameStopwith a large slice of company employees who essentially blurted out because of one of the more annoying habits of a specific slice of parents: leave i sons in the chain stores alone, so as to get rid of them to carry out their chores in complete freedom.

Some GameStop employees can no longer bear having to babysit children left alone in stores by their parents

In fact, according to a new report published directly by the newspaper note Kotakua circle of employees said they were tired of parents using the chain’s stores as an excuse to leave their children alone, with the little ones distracted by the video games of the moment while they complete the various errands.

An employee of GameStop has in fact sent the following email to the well-known online portal mentioned above:

“Yes, many of us are getting tired of parents who think they can basically just leave their children in our care while they shop. For example, if you are planning to leave your child somewhere while shopping, well, leave them at home with a babysitter. Your children are not our problem. We already have enough to take care of. “

And as expected, this controversy has reached the pages of Redditwith oodles of employees and former employees of GameStop who have published a whole series of not exactly positive messages regarding this bad habit of many parents:

“I literally ran a daycare tonight. Why are we considered a daycare? We have the Switch demos. Someone even stole a console. Mostly they play in silence, but they never put it back. The games are in alphabetical order, so we need to rearrange them after the kids play them as they mess them all up. The soft toys are scattered throughout the shop … even with the parent present. “

Some employees call this bad habit of some parents as “GameStop Daycare“, A phenomenon in which minors of different ages are left alone to roam the store because they are interested by games And Funko Pop present in the store, with the parents who then return to take them back only when they have not completed the shopping carried out elsewhere.

And when these children leave, employees are forced to arrange a bunch of carefully organized shelves previously, but which have now been totally turned upside down by children left alone and out of control. A real job in the work:

“There was one particular case where a woman came and asked me if she could leave her children here while she went to get her hair done. I told her no and she didn’t take my answer very well. “

The staff with whom Kotaku spoke said the children left in the shops of GameStop they averaged roughly between six and 12 years. This usually happens more in the summer months, when school is closed, and around November and December, when parents do their Christmas shopping.