GameSir F7 Claw Controller and GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves

After having amazed us with the GameSir F4 Falcon Mobile Gaming Controller, GameSir has provided us with two other products that enhance our experiences with mobile devices, in particular: tablets and mobile phones. The first is the GameSir F7 Claw Controller for the tablet while the second are the singulars GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves for our fingers. We have used them properly and are ready to share our impressions.

GameSir F7 Claw Controller: content and aesthetics

There packaging GameSir F7 Claw Controller is as immediate as it is elegant And functional. The preview is faithful and the content within it is well kept and packed. Inside the package, in addition to the accessories that we will soon explore, we find the GameSir sticker (purely aesthetic), of the antidrop sticker (which we will deepen in a moment) and a USB Type-C cable it can be used to recharge the accessory and is compatible with both PCs and most smartphone chargers (works with both Samsung and iPhone). Not missing a little booklet quite comprehensive instructions.

Design: elegant and effective

THE controller GameSir F7 Claw transform the tablet into a kind of controller and have the advantage of enhancing the experience with comfort and efficiency, as long as you make some compromises. The first concerns the assembly. The two controllers – each equipped with two game buttons (R1 and R2 one, L1 and L2 the other), the turbo button, the power button and the port for the USB cable – use a suction cup system which can be more or less effective depending on the type of tablet or cover. To solve any problem that may come off, GameSir has included the aforementioned in the package antidrop stickers, which we recommend to use to ensure a safer grip and a more “solid“. It should be noted that the suction cups will not damage the device or its cover.

GameSir F7 Claw Controller for tablets and GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves: the review 2

The grip is wide and comfortable enough, reminding the touch of some console pads including the most recent for Nintendo Switch. There plastic used is of excellent quality and resistant. THE front grips which will act as additional keys they are not intrusive and above all they will not damage the screen, never touching it directly but working electronically. However, we recommend that you handle them with care, as they are the most delicate element of the controller. As for the type of tablet, we used a iPad (2019) but the controllers are compatible with different models and require no installation or application.

GameSir F7 Claw Controller for tablets and GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves: the review 3

GameSir F7 Claw, like its smartphone “relative” GameSir F4 Falcon Mobile Gaming Controller, is primarily designed for FPS games on tabletsimproving the speed reaction and making the game even more practical and immediate. This is possible by replacing two keys and allowing a comfortable and effective mapping. In this way, you will find yourself playing with six fingers (two on the controller keys and two directly on the screen), allowing us to focus touch attention on the movement and entrusting the grips with skills mainly related to shooting, aiming or reloading.

GameSir F7 Claw Controller for tablets and GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves: the review 4

We point out that the first impact can be slightly difficult, however requiring a certain practicality and habit. It can also happen that a grip remain pressed or that the command is not recognized immediately. During the test it happened a couple of times (mostly with Call of Duty: Mobile) but the defect has not undermined the gaming experience, which remains much more comfortable than normal, since to solve the problem, generally just press the button again.

We remind you that GameSir controllers are compatible with countless games in which you can reassign the keys, but it is useless to specify that being designed for first person shooterit is with this type that they give their best (remembering that you must always set the on-screen commands in order to position them under the respective grips).

GameSir F7 Claw Controller for tablets and GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves: the review 5

There turbo mode it is activated with a button on the controllers and allows you to speed up the frequency of pressing the R1 and L1 keys. There are three levels of turbo and each of these is indicated by a different color: green x3, orange x6 and red x9. To set it up, just hold down the turbo button for three seconds until the red light starts flashing. At that point press L1 or R1 and start the configuration depending on the speed you prefer.

A respectable battery

Another point certainly in favor of the GameSir F7 Claw is the drums. After putting it to the test for hours and hours and we can say that its duration goes over eighty hours of use. This can guarantee long gaming sessions becoming an excellent and faithful travel companion. Of course the battery life can increase if you set the standby mode.

GameSir F7 Claw Controller for tablets and GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves: the review 6

GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves: how to turn fingers into extravagant “controllers”

GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves is literally one extravagant surprise. These are two simple “socks” lost. These small objects surprised us with their convenience and efficiency, achieving their purpose in an exemplary way. But let’s proceed in order.

Simple packaging

The GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves pack features two small “socks”Embellished with the GameSir logo. Both are enclosed in a small and simple clear plastic box that lets you see them right away. The two GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves carry a small card that acts as a “finger demo”. The aesthetics of the product is quite captivating but still secondary to its usefulness.

GameSir F7 Claw Controller for tablets and GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves: the review 7

We will be immediate: the GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves they do what they say and they do it well. Was there a need for them? No. Did they improve the gaming experience? Enough. The most difficult point of the GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves is the phase of “footwear“. Putting them on your finger is not very practical, but once done it is as if you are not wearing anything. The fabric is light and almost impalpable and moreover collects dirt in a wonderful way and on the touch-screen it renders in a dignified and fast way.

GameSir F7 Claw Controller for tablets and GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves: the review 8

There practicality is their strong point. Wearing the GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves will not revolutionize the way you play but it is still pleasant, immediate, comfortable and clean. No fingerprints on the screen. Zero. Practically play and clean the screen at the same time. As for durability, we have tested them for over twelve hoursand they have not yielded.

Of course, in the long run, things could change, especially in the “fitting” and “undressing” phase, but the quality of the fabric leaves hope for its durability. In short, the GameSir Talons Finger Sleeves are not necessary but are a curious and pleasant addition to the world of mobile gaming.