games are not backwards compatible with PS VR, confirms Sony

Sony officially announced that games made for the original PlayStation VR cannot be played on the PlayStation VR2. In fact, the new viewer, arriving in 2023, will not allow you to play the titles of the first PSVR and will therefore not be backwards compatible.

The announcement has arrived in the latest official PlayStation podcastfrom Hideaki Nishino: “PSVR games are not compatible with PSVR2 because the PlayStation VR2 is created to offer a true next-generation virtual reality experience. This means that PSVR2 game development requires a completely different approach than the original one“. The fears of some are therefore confirmed; games already purchased for the first model cannot be used for the second and vice versa.

PlayStation VR2 won’t be out until next year but they have been confirmed about twenty games that will make up the PSVR 2 launch line-upamong which Horizon Call of the Mountaina virtual reality spin-off designed to enhance the characteristics of this viewer, or Resident Evil Village and the VR version of Resident Evil 4 Remake. Sony PlayStation officially launched too The House of the Players; the podcast dedicated to gamers.


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Source: IGN