Gamers prefer their virtual alter ego according to a Lenovo research

According to a recent research, more than half of gamers (52%) recognize themselves more in their virtual alter-ego than in real life. Based on this data, Lenovo collaborated with cartoonist and game designer Salva Espín to create a collection of limited edition stickers, to unite offline and online. The stickers created by Salva Espín will be available to the public, in Italy, only in Lenovo space – the Lenovo flagship store in Corso Matteotti 10 in Milan.

The digital world is a true mirror of the real world and the research shows that 58% of players feel at ease when playing at home, 52% when spending time with friends and family and 46% when he indulges in his hobbies and interests.

With nearly 60% of gamers choosing to play games after work, the research revealed that some categories of professionals prefer to play specific game genres.

For example, office workers (44%), doctors and healthcare professionals (42%), experts in the financial sector (38%) and those in the scientific sector (40%) choose strategy games, while those who work in the sector IT (45%) as well as creatives (40%) are able to express their authenticity by participating in role-playing games.

Lenovo Legion laptops are the bridge between the virtual and real worlds. Equipped with AMD Ryzen™ processors and AMD Radeon™ graphics, Lenovo Legion 7 and Lenovo Legion Slim 7 offer greater freedom of movement, while maintaining the power and performance necessary to allow users to be “stylish” on the outside and “savage” on the inside .

While many gamers live double lives, this duality is rarely fully expressed. Inspired by this vision of multiple “skins”, Lenovo Legion has created a series of stickers, called “Second Skins”, thanks to the collaboration with Salva Espín, cartoonist, game designer and famous for having collaborated with Marvel in the creation of characters of the caliber of Deadpool, She-Hulk, the X-Men and Wolverine.

It was incredible to take part in this project, which allowed me to express all my passions: design, gaming and technology“, commented Save Espin. “I had a lot of fun throughout the entire creative process, working closely with the Lenovo team to shape the five sticker designs that matched the profiles that emerged from the survey. I have already customized my Lenovo Legion 7 with stickers that represent the dualism between me as a professional and my alter-ego gamer, and I can’t wait to see how these designs become an integral part of thousands of people’s laptops!”

The stickers represent what life would be like if each of us always expressed who we are in the online world. From the wizard having a coffee break to the knight checking medical equipment, the “Second Skin” stickers are designed to encourage players to embrace their alter egos, regardless of the role they play in real life.

Collaborate with Salva in the “Second Skin” was very inspiring“, he has declared Alberto Spinelli, Chief Marketing Officer of Lenovo EMEA. “Lenovo has always pushed gamers to face any kind of challenge, both in the game and in life, and with the Second Skin stickers, the goal is to encourage our community to express the most authentic version of themselves, whether it’s at work or in the middle of an online battle. The stickers represent our personality and Salva has managed to portray the meeting and clash of both worlds very well in these drawings. We hope they can give you the same joy they gave us.”

This research shows an important truth about the role gaming experiences play in many people’s lives, as a source of entertainment, social connection and self-expression“, commented Christian Dtzauer, EMEA Marketing Lead at AMD. “The communities that arise around games and gaming experiences are all different, and we are delighted to partner with Lenovo to celebrate gamers who show themselves in different aspects of their lives, thanks to Savage Stickers”.

The creation of the latest sticker will be entrusted to the Lenovo Legion Gaming Community. Anyone who wants to send a sketch representing their dual personality can do so by simply uploading the drawing to the Community.

The deadline to participate in the competition is January 26, 2023. Once all the projects have been collected, Salva will decide the winner and will work side by side with its author to transform the concept into the last sticker of the “Second Skin” series.