game production will end soon

Sony gave an investor presentation, in which it is revealed that it expects to conclude with the PlayStation 4 game production by 2025. In addition, the company explored the growth they have had in the PC and smartphone world, and explained that this data will be examined to think about the future of the releases.

Such as reported in the document, during fiscal 2019, Sony only released all games on the PlayStation 4. But its release in fiscal year 2022 has also led to huge success with regard to the mouse and keyboard platform. So the question is: what will change in the next few years? Regarding 2025, in the PlayStation 4 document it is mentioned very little. To his detriment half of the news relate to PlayStation 5. In addition, Sony expects PC gamers increase by 30% while mobile ones by 20%.

Many major titles, such as Horizon Forbidden West or Gran Turismo 7 are available on both PlaySattion 4 and PlayStation 5, but according to Sony’s projection looks like this will belong to the past in the next years. Indeed, the company plans to reach more and more people and to do so Sony wants to throw itself into the PC world. Probably also releasing an exclusive of its next-gen console on PC. For this reason, the company expects it to reach approximately 300 million in net sales by the end of the fiscal year, which ends next March.

All this underlines the company’s will to move away from a “console-centric” universe and move towards a “future where many elements of our community can meet, going beyond the console”. While you have to consider the fact that Sony continues to have tremendous appeal with exclusive PlayStation 5 console releases, such as Returnal, Deathloop or Ghostwire Tokyo all available on that platform and PC. So the future of PlayStation is not just about the console alone, but also points to other platforms far from home consoles.