Fury Roads Survivor, the Apocalypse arrives at Milan Games Week (and on Switch)

During the Milan Games Week 2022 we got to try out the new version by hand Fury Roads Survivor: it is about the version for Nintendo Switch, whose release date is not yet known, but which we can say is already very solid from the point of view of the build. The title of One or One Games is already available on mobile, however this new “skin” of the game will not be identical to the title we know, because it contains new tasty features, which enrich the whole without distorting the main concept.

The development of this new version is natural consequence of the success of the game, thanks also to the great results in terms of sales, and the low cost. Coming to Switch is clearly taking work from a gaming standpoint.console optimizationbut this is also giving the development team the opportunity to optimize various factors, such as the balance of the difficulty.

Fury Roads Survivor is still going strong with its iconic graphicspolygons that did not go unnoticed during the fair and that made the game recognized by those who have already spent pleasant hours with their mobile device.

The biggest news is undoubtedly the multiplayer, which can be applied either by driving two different bludgers, or the same one (in which case, the roles of the players will split). In this way Fury Roads Survivor becomes choral experiencerapid, which will make you enter the loop in company.

Also, on Switch the game will see some richer maps from the point of view of the distribution of objects (the various barrels that we can collect), maps which have been reduced to 3 for now, but with more to come soon after launch with free updates. Obviously the game will be continuously supported, and the maps are not the only content that will be expanded.

As regards the usable cars instead, they are over 60: some will be available immediately, others will have to unlock them using in-game currency. In addition to the great classics, the racing cars that we have come to know on mobile, there are also dozens of cars inspired by pop culture, each with its own characteristics and performances. Will you be able to recognize them all?

The response from the public to the Milanese fair was incredible: theIndie dungeons it was besieged by thousands of visitors, many of whom also had the opportunity to try out the game on the course, trying to beat the best records. In addition, an event was organized on Saturday tournament of the game. “It was nice to see who recognizes the game, thanks to its iconic nature, it’s a great satisfaction”Gioele, one of the developers, told us, “We are also happy with the response from the players, they are happy both with playing together in multiplayer and with the new control system, more suited to the game”.

After ours Practice Testwe can absolutely confirm what has been said: the build is solid, the gameplay is genuinely streamlinedand above all the more will depend by the skill of the playernot only driving (or shooting, if you play in coop), but also in predict where to go or how to use the map. Depending on your car you will have to choose in advance when to steer, how to manage the barrels to heal yourself, and above all try not to get stuck in the various objects on the map (or on the walls): it goes without saying that therefore a level of comfort in the controls is essential, and this switch version succeeds in full. There choice from do not understand touch controls it was wanted and winningas it ill-fits the purpose and philosophy of console gaming.

As we anticipated at the beginning, we still don’t know when this new version will be available for purchase, but already from what we’ve seen so far, we can only be confident. Appointment to the release, or why not, to some other occasion before it.