from Amanita Design a new project

It doesn’t seem to stop on proliferate from graphic adventures and today is the time to Phonopolisnew adventure of Amanita Design. The title is unforgettable Machinarium, award-winning graphic adventure of the 2009 in which you help Josef, a cute little robot who has to save his girlfriend Berta kidnapped by the Blackcap gang.

The announcement of Amanita Design

Directly from official channel an important announcement confirms the arrival of the new graphic adventure, entirely hand drawnset in a world dystopian made of cardboard in which the oppression of a Leader has subdued all citizens, forced to obey and endure the reign of dictator. A young man, however, does not really want to suffer again and decides to rebel. In the tweet released there is also a trailer really interesting. We understand well the regime situation, in which everything seems depersonalized and full of fake enthusiasm, an adventure political fiction immersed in a dystopian context e futurista universe Orwellian in which you will have to overthrow the regime of oppression.


Phonopolis: what we know

The story of Phonopolis deals with issues and topics related to real worldfocusing on handling And individualismwhile maintaining the character of the adventures of Amanita Design, in a mix of lightheartedness and classic adventure. You will assume the role of Felix, a young man who cares about the cause of liberation from oppression; to fight alongside his fellow citizens facing the threat of the supreme leader, a fierce dictator who uses terror and authority to rule the city, with no humanity that Felix must prevent from playing the Absolute tone (aspect not yet detailed).


  • Dystopian adventure set in the city of Phonopolis
  • Explore a hand-drawn 3D world
  • Traditional 12 FPS stop-motion animation reminiscent of classic animated films
  • Solve a large variety of puzzles and riddles
  • Music by Tom√°Ň° DvoŇô√°k aka Floex (Samorost 3, Machinarium)

There seems to be a lot of meat in the fire on a title that really promises Interesting and excitingperhaps the softer tones of Machinarium leave room for a darker atmosphereand the robot universe is supplanted by cardboard figures. The highlight of the studios like Amanita Designin my opinion, that ability to transmit remains emotions even with the absence of dialogue to immerse us in games that go beyond words. This is not the only title that refers to these ideas. A while ago we discussed about Occult, Italian adventure from Sirio Art Game which incorporates the style of Amanita Design which is established as among the most independent studies innovative in terms of graphic adventures. We are therefore waiting for the news on the release date, for the moment you can always replay Machinarium