Frogwares gets help from Epic Games to support Ukrainian developers

Frogwares is a software house which has its headquarters in Ukraine, so many of the workers are Ukrainians. At the moment I’m in dispute for who has the rights to The Sinking City. While this is not a legal battle in this case, it appears that the Ukrainian employees of Frogwares are getting help from Epic Games to survive. Yes, because this too studio is involved in the conflict with Russiaalbeit not directly.

In fact, just as so many cities and citizens are affected by the aggression by Russia, Frogwares is also suffering from away from the attacks received. But it is precisely for this reason that Epic Games has decided to lend a hand to the smaller studio.

In a announcement released on their official websiteFrogwares makes it clear that the partnership and underlines what it means for the software house.

At this moment the war is still going on in Ukraine. During these moments, we as a firm feel strong, maintain a positive mindset and do everything we can to keep our business running while giving our team the support they need.

And it is for this reason that we are proud to share with you that we have received an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games. The war has negatively affected our production and this has led to a partial disorganization of our studio. The funds received by Epic MegaGrant will be crucial to carry out a relocation of some employees to safer areas and we will help those who have moved away from Ukraine or who are in other countries of the European Union, for their financial stability.

In other words, Frogwares will use these funds to stay afloat and to be able to help all employees directly involved in the conflict so that they can escape or stay where they are, if they have already left. A really generous move by Epic Games, which together with many other publishers and developers are helping the Ukrainians, as they can.