Fracture, Epic reveals the date of the end of the third chapter and the beginning of the fourth

Fortnite: Fracture is the name given to the event that will mark the end of the third chapter of the beloved Epic battle royale.

The players of Fortnite from around the world are preparing for the crackling finale recently announced by Epic which will take place later in the day December 3, 2022more precisely at the hours 22:00 of the Italian time zone. If the scope of the event is on par with the one that brought players to experience the finale of the first and second chapter, we are sure that fans will not be disappointed by Fortnite: Fracture

Fortnite: Fracture, an ending with a bang?

The expectation for the ending of the third chapter of Fortnite is definitely skyrocketing, considering how the first and second chapter ended. The ending of Fortnite chapter one in fact saw the players protagonists of an event of global scale that saw the entire game map sucked into a black hole, with consequent shutdown of the servers for a few hours. The finale of the second chapter revealed the new game map, literally overturning the previous one. Users of the whole community therefore expect an event with a similar scope to the previous one that will see the protagonist, this time, Fortnite: Fracture

What do we know about the new event, Fortnite: Fracture

Unfortunately, Epic hasn’t bothered with the information regarding the next event, in fact the only information we have is the release date on 3/12/2022news reached us thanks to a very short teaser trailer aired at the end of Fortnite Champion Series. In fact, we are not aware of the usual changes related to game mechanics that with the past chapters we have seen change in an ever new way. We look forward to new developments related to Fortnite: Fracture

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