found the new model arriving in 2023?

It seems that in the course of 2023 Sony will launch a new console under the name of PlayStation 5but that the same will be very different from the two models currently in circulation, which provide or not the presence of a support for the platform discs, useful for both games and Blu-Ray.

Let’s not talk about PlayStation 5 Probut news regarding the current Sony flagship seem close, considering specifically that the insider Tom Henderson has recently investigated the question, and that it is a reliable source to say the least.

Apparently the new console will in fact include one USB Type-C port on the back designed specifically for discswith the support that in this case would not be fixed as we have been accustomed to seeing up to now, with the same that instead could be detached or attached at will, and with the new model that should totally replace those currently on the market .

It seems that customers will be able to buy the console bundled with the support without the latter, thus being able to pay more or less according to their preferences, with the possibility, however, to proceed with the purchase in the future, and connecting the device through the specification USB port.