Fortnite, the Plague Doctor skin is back

Generally the original skins of Fortnite rotate in the store of Epic Games so that, with a little waiting, anyone can sooner or later get the costume they want. However, this hasn’t happened since 2019 with the skin of the Plague Doctor who, after four years, finally returns together with his entire set. The news was spread on Twitter by the creator of the game Shiinathe Plague Doctor set was blacklisted by Epic Games but is now ready to return to the famous Battle Royale.

The Plague Doctor disappeared from the store in 2019 and no official reasons have ever been given for what happened; however, deducing them is not so difficult, 2019 will go down in history as the year in which the pandemic of COVID-19 it has spread all over the world and it is very likely that Epic Games simply wanted to avoid running into controversies of any kind.
Nothing to be surprised about, it wouldn’t be the first time that, for fear of a possible negative reaction from the public, an author finds himself forced to revolutionize the plans planned for his creation; in fact, it is precisely in the recent period that Hideo Kojima stated that he was forced to completely change the storyline of Death Stranding 2 to avoid controversy related to the pandemic. It’s not up to us to say whether it’s right or not that a product should be the victim of the fear of a possible media pillory but, as long as there is this risk, it’s certainly right that the authors are on guard against unnecessary risks.