Fortnite: Spider-Verse lands on the island again

As is so often the case, long-running action Fortnite is once again drawing attention to itself with a cross-over event. The Spider-Verse is returning to the island.

The Spider-Verse is making a comeback in Fortnite from Epic Games. Spider-Man was no stranger to the island, but is now back with new content.

So Spider-Man’s web shooter is back with a new Miles Morales look and also fits perfectly with the Miles Morales suit. They can be found as loot on the ground or bought from Spider-Gwen for ingots. The Spider-Verse Web Shooters should definitely be on hand when it comes to completing the Week 11 Battle Royale missions. Most of these contracts will not only reward you with XP, but also with the Lobby Music “Silk and Scent (EI8HT version)” from the upcoming movie “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse”.

In keeping with the theme, there are above all two new skins in the item shop. The Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Outfit features the Earth 1610 masked alternate style along with the Spider-Verse Portal Backbling.

The Spider-Man 2099 outfit includes the Net Cloak 2099 back accessory – this is reactive and disintegrates when you go down. Both outfits can be purchased separately or along with all items in the Spider-Verse Pack, which also includes the Mega City Sweeping Loading Screen.

Fortnite – Web Slingers Miles Morales & Spider-Man 2099 Trailer

In the Battle Royale long-running game Fortnite, the Spider-Verse is once again making an appearance – including two new skins.

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