Forspoken shows itself in a new cinematic trailer

Forspoken needs no introduction, it is after all the new action RPG video game in development by Luminous Productions and published by Square Enix which is leaving many players on their toes eager to get their hands on it. The launch is approaching and today we want to bring you the new cinematic trailer that the company has released!

Forspoken: here is the new cinematic trailer!

Forspoken is getting closer and the user is now excited. As you surely know if you are interested in the title, the game will be released on January 24th on PlayStation 5 and PC and it is very close. The company is doing everything to keep the hype skyrocketing and we obviously hope that in the end the high expectations are met, as well as the new trailer we want to tell you about for sure promises well.

In fact, a new cinematic trailer has recently been released that shows Forspoken in all its majesty, putting together computer graphics sequences that best present the story and above all the protagonist Frey Holland whose role we will play, suddenly finding ourselves thrown into the magical world of Athia and forced to abandon our customary life in New York.

Part of the game world is also presented with settings and magical creatures of all kinds, spectacular fights and much more, although obviously with such a cinematic cut the gameplay has remained aside and is not shown.

In short, if you are interested we leave you the trailer below and we highly recommend you check them out. Of course, we will keep you updated on all the news! Speaking of Forspoken, do you know why there isn’t an old-gen version?