Forspoken may be postponed again. It all depends on Final Fantasy 16, according to Nick Baker

Forspoken, Square Enix’s highly anticipated action-RPG, may be postponed again. The game, we recall, was originally known as Project Athia. Officially unveiled in March 2021, the title will put you in the shoes of a girl named Frey Holland, who will find herself, despite her, transported to the world called Athia. The game is developed by the Luminous Productions team, a studio founded by former Final Fantasy 15 developers.

Now, Forspoken was due out this month, only to be postponed until October 2022. Insider Nick Baker, however, thinks the game could be postponed further. In the latest installment of the XboxEra podcast, Baker thinks the cause could be the release of Final Fantasy 16. The insider said: “There is a possibility that Square may postpone the game again, but it’s sort of a conditional, and that condition affects Final Fantasy 16 and the fact that they manage to get it out this year.“.

Square Enix seems to be evaluating the progress in the development of the new chapter of Final Fantasy. If the game were to be ready by this year, perhaps for the holiday season, Square Enix could opt to publish Final Fantasy 16 instead of Forspoken. The first, as noted by Zalker 86, is a well-known and well-established IP in the gaming landscape. The second, on the other hand, despite being a very important exclusive, is a newer IP, which could take more time to file any imperfections.


Square Enix, therefore, could opt to postpone the Luminous Productions project, rather than releasing two large exclusives in the same period of time. In the past, in fact, we have seen how risky it is to release a new game together with already established series. We are talking about Titanfall 2, where the release was fixed between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, resulting in a flop.

For the moment, we just have to wait to see how the situation will evolve. What do you think of it? Tell us in the comments! If you want to take a look at the enemies of the game, we recommend that you look at our article.

Source: Gamingbolt