Forspoken, a new series of in-depth video launches in December

Also Forspoken He will receive his series of in-depth video-diaries waiting for the launch day. As happens more and more often for titles of a certain level, not least the recent God of War Ragnarok, this new form of marketing is also preparing to deal in detail with the context of the adventures in which it will be the protagonist Frey Holland.

Forspoken, the first video will start from the beginning

Less than two months after the game’s debut on January 24, Square Enix announced his “Deep Dive Special” dedicated precisely to Forspoken. It is, as anticipated, a series of trailers with gameplay sequences taken from the new, promising and ambitious IP of Luminous Productionin order to give players an even better idea of ​​what awaits them.

Not that videos Deep Dive released so far were poor in information, from the methods of exploration with which to move around the world of Athia to the fighting techniques of Frey. But the new series could reveal something new, or that has only been treated superficially, and perhaps be decisive for the purchase by those who are still undecided. The first video will be released on December 1 at noon and will start right from the beginning, as the announcement states.

Simultaneously with the release of the videos, su Twitter the producer Akio Ofujithe co-director Takeshi Terada and the creative producer Raio Mitsuno They will be available for a blow and answer with which to clarify any doubt of the fans. In short, the approach to January 24 is about to begin, and in the coming weeks we can expect an important media hammering around Forspoken.

After the postponement of the game and with the very high expectations of many players, the console exclusive Playstation 5 (but Forspoken will also be released on PC) It cannot afford false steps. Who knows, maybe these videos and the Q&A on Twitter also serve to take the pulse of the community to prepare for possible criticisms, or, hopefully, to celebrate a new success.