Foretales, our preview (Steam)

In a market that is seeing more and more games of the genre roguelike And deckbuilder, is about to make an appearance Foretales, a card game which, however, unlike many of its peers, has as its main basis not that of fighting but that storytelling. This would already be enough to attract the attention of fans of the genre, if we add one more graphics really well done, with some artwork respectable, and a narrative component where we will manage the progress of the story, here is the title developed by Alkemi promises to be very interesting indeed.

Foretales: one story, many stories

As mentioned above, it makes the narrative element its strength, even if it does not present a very original opening incipit: the world is on the verge of ruin and it will be our turn, a thief named Volepain try to save him. The weaver has entrusted her tools of creation to her children, beings called Nymphants, who can weave the fortunes of the worlds as they please and even destroy them. It will be up to Volepain to understand the real intentions of the Nymphants and consequently save or condemn the world.

Initial narrative incipit basic although interesting, but which acquires a lot of importance once we understand that, all our choices and our actions, will lead the story of Volepain on many narrative lines different and as many epilogues.

Foretales it really comes in an interesting style with lots of actions available, as opposed to many exponents of the genre where the only goal is to play cards to defeat enemies and opponents. The cards available to us will be divided into three categories, namely attacks, actions And objects. On the game table where the story is told there will be other cards on which we will interact.


These cards will change according to our choices and actions, I’ll give you an example: if during our adventure on the table there will be a card of a place, like a square or a Tavern, we can use some actions like to steal or eavesdrop. The first will be useful in case we are looking for resources, like money or food, the latter instead of we need additional information. The available actions will be so many and Foretales entice the player to to experiment the various solutions available in order to cover different possible scenarios.

Every action will have a consequence: if while we are trying to steal we are discovered, people will run to alert the guards and a combat, in full deckbuilder style, in which we will have the attacks base and the skills of our characters. But maybe we can just try to corrupt the guards to turn a blind eye to what happened.

This is what Foretales wants to offer his player as a final experience, that is, a vast possibility of choice and experimentation, so that every game does not result never the same to the previous one. It goes without saying that as the game progresses into its more advanced stages, and the player has begun to understand the various mechanics, the title of Alkemi he just manages to immerse the player in his world, and there will be no time that, once an action has been taken, you will not be there wondering what could have happened if …


To increase the involvement general of the game, one thinks about it graphic style really nice, very reminiscent of the cartoons of yesteryear (impossible not to think about Robin Hood Disney), with well-defined characters as well as the many action cards, places, resources, etc.

At the moment we haven’t had to experience much of that Foretales can offer, but as a first taste it was not bad at all, on the contrary it has really created a lot of appetite for what will be the “final dish”. In this regard, we still do not have an official release date for the game, although the launch window as previously announced remains for this summer, and the platforms they will see coming Foretales will be both consoles Sony, those Microsoft, the PC via Steam and the hybrid Nintendo Switch.