for Tom Henderson the development would still be in the initial stages

That of Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a name that has been appearing and disappearing for several years in the gaming landscape, leaving players wondering if they will ever see the work behind Ubisoft’s space opera come to an end. Despite the fact that in recent months it seemed that something had started to move concretely according to Tom Henderson the works behind the game would be very far from their conclusion.

As reported by the insider, Beyond Good and Evil 2 would still be in what is known as blocking stage. More concretely, this phase represents the first step in the development of the 3D engine. Here the developers still find themselves without all the necessary resources “forced” to create the game areas in blocks with low resolution textures. In this regard, Henderson says that several participants in the currently conducted playtests they were only able to visit a few small areas made with low-quality textures and barely sketchy 3D models.

It seems like a joke at this point, but several sources have confirmed to me that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in an early stage of development, with a few small explorable areas and low resolution textures“.


Always Henderson, via Insider Gaming, explained that he had come into possession of images and short video sequences from these phases of the game. Observing this material, one would in fact notice that planets and settings are currently bare and without details. The only elements currently well advanced would be the spaceships with which we move between the various settings and scenes in space. Reportedly the level of these elements would be the same seen with the material published during 2018.

Based on what has been seen, Henderson claims that the game may have undergone a new reboot. It would be precisely for this reason that the materials that have emerged in recent days would be so crude. Always according to the insider, before talking about a possible release date, it will be necessary wait at least another two years given the current situation.

Game tests took place over the summer, and Ubisoft explained to those present that the title is still in the early stages of development. Images and videos shared by an anonymous source suggest a complete reboot of the game. Game that now presents itself with a level of detail much lower than that seen in the pre-alpha of 2018. Given the state of the work, it is difficult to think of reviewing the game before 2024“.

In short, it seems that the development of this new Ubisoft sci-fi adventure is proving to be more troubled than expected. Effectively the prequel to the adventures of Jade was announced way back in 2008 and since then nothing concrete has ever been shown. The fate of this long-awaited game is therefore still shrouded in mystery. Postponement after postponement it now becomes legitimate to wonder if Beyond Good and Evil 2 will ever see the light or if Ubisoft will decide to trash the idea once and for all

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And you, what do you think the future holds for Beyond Good and Evil 2? Will Ubisoft be able to pack an experience capable of keeping the promises made over the years? Let us know yours by leaving a comment below and keep following us to stay up to date with the latest news!

Source: Insider Gaming