for the CEO of Saber Interactive “game sales no longer depend on the vote”

It is well known how much Metacritic, in many cases, manages to be a determining factor for a product. It is not just about video games, but also about movies. In the gaming sector it is often used to sponsor their games or services, as in the case of Xbox Game Pass. Of course, the scores that are published on the portal should not be taken at face value, and the CEO of Saber Interactive is convinced of this..

The development team took care of creating the game Evil Dead: The Game. The title proved to be a success for the studio, exceeding expectations. The game, in fact, sold around 500,000 copies in less than a week. During the report of the Q4 period of Embracer Group, of which the software house is a part, we really talked about the game. The host highlighted the votes taken by the game, saying how they were “not great, but solid enough for the genre“.

Matthew Karch, CEO of Saber Interactive, responded by stating that the team was “pleasantly surprised”From the votes so far, also saying that they had exceeded the internal target. Karch further added: “The other thing we realized is that the days when Metacritic scores determined how well a game sold are over.. Games nowadays are sold by social media, influencers and word of mouth“.


According to Karch: “Games are sold for the quality of the product itself, no matter how well they may be reviewed. I can name titles with scores between 8 and 9 that, I tell you, the publishers regret having published. It’s nice to put a plaque on your wall, but if you can’t afford the nails to hang it, what’s the point, right?“.

Karch went on to say that Evil Dead: The Game is both selling well and getting good grades, better than the publisher expected. Furthermore, the CEO of Saber Interactive has ensured that the game will be supported with a long series of DLCs.

And what do you think of what Karch said? Do you often rely on Metacritic or do you not take it into account at all? Tell us in the comments!

Source: VG247