first trailer and remaster features

Kalypso Media Group bought the Commandos franchise four years ago and has committed to releasing new installments and remasters. Waiting for the first part of the promise to be fulfilled, we have remasters. First it was Commandos 2 and today is the turn of Commandos 3 HD Remaster, which will arrive in September in digital format for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Game Pass and PC through Steam. An edition in physical format will be shipped in October.

Commandos 3 HD Remaster is the same game as always, but remastered in high definition. Among the features of this version adapted by the Italian studio Raylight Games we have 3D models, totally new textures, improved controls, a polished interface and tutorials and tips for beginners. We are facing a very similar treatment to the one Commandos 2 received in 2020. So far, the one who has not touched a hair is Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, the first game from Pyro Studios.

In the first trailer that you have below you can see how Commandos 3 has turned out after going through the remaster process by Raylight Games.

As everyone should know, Commandos is a real-time strategy saga set in World War II, which puts at the player’s command a group of elite soldiers, each an expert in their respective field (green beret, artificer , sniper, diver, spy and thief). The campaign of this installment is divided into 12 missions spread over three battle fronts: Stalingrad, Central Europe and Normandy. There is also a multiplayer for up to eight players where you can compete in Deathmatch and Collect Flags modes.

Regarding the new deliveries of Commandos that Kalypso Media Group promised at the time, at the moment the only thing we have is the opening of a new studio in 2019 in Frankfurt. Its objective (not yet fulfilled) is to develop a new game of the saga born in Spain. Since then nothing more has been known about this team led by Jürgen Reußwig, ​​known for having created the Anno strategy game franchise.