first trailer and details for PC and iOS

After releasing Genshin Impact, a game that generates $1 billion in revenue every six months, everything Chinese studio miHoYo does raises interest. Well, after the popular action role-playing game comes Zenless Zone Zero, an ARPG for PC, iOS (and other platforms to be announced later) that, judging by its first trailer, will be packed with action and signature characters.

Zenless Zone Zero is a title set in a dangerous world that is under constant threat from the Hollows, dimensional portals that have allowed creatures known as the Ethereal to travel to this planet and destroy civilization. However, there is a city that has been able to face this calamity: New Eridu, the last redoubt of humanity that survived the apocalypse thanks to the discovery of a technology that allows extracting valuable resources from the Hollows.

Over time the Hollows industrialized and became a business operated under the tutelage of the city, which created tension between monopolistic companies, gangs, conspirators and fanatics. Players will put themselves in the shoes of a Proxy, a professional who helps in the exploration of the Hollows. Many people want to take advantage of these portals, so Proxies have become indispensable.

miHoYo has yet to offer many details about Zenless Zone Zero, but the trailer seems to show the existence of different squads of Proxies made up of three characters. Most are human, but we can also see the occasional anthropomorphic animal. Each of them has their own combat style and abilities. There are also QTE combos. In the footage we can see all kinds of melee and ranged weapons, including pistols, machine guns, hammers, swords and even circular saws.

The official website of Zenless Zone Zero details that the Proxies have a double identity. One allows them to live a quiet life on the streets of New Eridu, while the other allows them to transport themselves to another reality where they complete missions traveling through the Hollows with their squad. There seems to be some influence from Atlus’s Persona series in miHoYo’s new work. The title promises to offer elements of roguelikeso the scenarios where the action takes place will always be different.

Those interested in Zenless Zone Zero can now register at the official Web to aspire to participate in a closed beta that will be held later, as announced by miHoYo.