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you’re here if you suddenly come to Final Fantasy XVI to review this series. I say, great! Only instead of 16 dola cel sria 1-6. Well, science! But it is an interesting collection of the first parts of series from old systems, which may have lost many games like this. There is, of course, the classic issue of remasters – as the games get older, they get a new one, and after a long pause, they start playing at all.

In this collection, you will get all the games, but there is a way to download them separately, if you have played them before, let’s repeat them. If you go to the entire collection, it costs like a full AAA game (70-75 euros), you can play it for an hour, but you will install each part separately and sleep individually. It’s convenient, even though it’s not a huge game, you can keep two or three installed, according to your tastes and needs. The size is questionable, each part takes about GB, no mammoth hard disk space reservations.

A number of games were released in the years 1987-1994, although they were remastered and edited several times, these versions are original. Also, the third-party creator did not use the Nintendo DS version with better graphics, nor did the first one use the iOS version. But it’s not even fully ultra antiques, which received a higher distribution immediately after their rapid release. The collection first appeared on Steam and mobile platforms, and now PS4 and Switch have joined them.

Sria is known for the fact that each part has its own world, a group of characters, the course of the game system. The common denominator is wandering around the map and fighting battles, sometimes protecting the world and the country outside, but the closer we are, the stronger the scenery. As far as the story goes, you can always choose a favorite, but the first part (this is where it all started) is the best (combining the drama with characters like Terra, Locke and Kefka). The course of the collection from the early works quickly leaves you in front of a clear goal, but it often gets confusing, adding other characters, their past and twists of motivation. often things develop gradually, avoid dramatic moments, iconic spoils (many will claim that the later works also brought better) Japanese screenwriting only sometimes disappoints. There are political themes, rebellions, rebels, unjust rulers and evil doers, various prophecies and the end of the world.

For these attributes, we will focus on: plot/characters. Age of worlds to explore. Catching system conflicts. Each part full of all three criteria, that the world is always different, has many surprises about it. Ike first two parts came out relatively soon after each other, so the worlds are most similar to each other. In general, with the University of Laziness, you usually travel on large isometric maps of changing landscapes and environments: forests, fields, fields, seas, villages, castles, castles.

Now, let’s go. The principles of the first three times were followed by the iconic Active Time Battle (ATB) in the creator, where you charge your parallel indicators and decide which change to use. In battles, you monitor the health of amagic points, choose from strong holes and different professions of characters in the party, as well as combinations with vtan. And necessary for the enemies, where the bosses blame Ermuj with cruel tricks and old indicators of health.

The games are old as well as other RPGs shared by Square-Enix by today’s standards, relatively simple, but also easy to understand, because you quickly understand the game principles: distances, travel, treasures, fights, everything is clear from the first minutes. Of course, the worlds do not have detailed graphics, but they have a retro feel with good locations and environments. The best is blood in tactics and in combat, the old ones are the best, although it seems simplified, elementary rules work wherever the work is done.

But it is busy with small decorations that give you an archaic game. For example, you can skip the length of the animation to appreciate if you are slow or fast forward like I did when testing. Anca has also sped up the pace of the fights, which can help me, if you just increase the pace and kick it, because even the spars will be faster. I don’t recommend turning on the skr when grinding, but on the bosses, the tempo will ring and you will fight properly. The movement was also glued to the individual pages. You can even turn off a good match and set a faster speed. Well, nainci don’t stay long. Finally, there is a great vtan help: autosave system amonos manually saves the game whenever you want!

As long as it’s going on, you’ll learn, because each episode has a quality soundtrack. We also know this because of the existence of musical games Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, which has hundreds of catchy songs, many of which are the first of its kind. Here you will find many themes of wandering, wandering and fighting songs. To their credit, it is the music of an old child, but it is catchy, refined and still sounds good today. Plus a full guide’s bed, it takes tens of hours to get to the top. The more you go, the more you will be happy, it will be repeated again where Nobuo Uematsu actually discovered new axes.

For the purpose of the review, I played the first and fourth part, because there you can discover where the series has reached in the first ten years of its existence. The unit is a relatively simple RPG that has clear goals, you go to save who you need, and you also recruit cams, it’s a head-to-head fight in the first hour, it has a good background. That’s why long-form animations suddenly burst forward, the world is different, the characters are better drawn, many consider Kefka to be the top maniac of happiness. The difference in honor in several directions, but also in the scope: the first part is lost in 15-20 hours, but the fifth part takes 30 and 35-40 hours.

black koom for many (but give it a chance if you want to go through the whole thing) is a kind of work. The authors of this game have a lot of other mechanisms, although you think that it will repeat the units, otherwise it is leveled here, you have to choose a system feature or different from other games. BUT… in the spirit of being different every time, there is something very different here as well.

Naturally, some elements of the games are similar to the names of the swords, some enemies and others. It’s like a measure of certainty in very different pieces. Because, hand on heart, sria has endured for more than 35 years, this is the first step in providing high-quality study materials like universities. As we all know, from the seventh week on, sria gained a sharp difference in speed.

If you want to take a historical RPG excursion, you are at the right place. Get ready for strong retro vibes, simplified systems, but also very good accessibility after years. A lot of content, over 100 hours is definitely here, or even 125-150, if you want to cover everything, this is a high-quality package. There are old elements here, some archaisms are slightly ahaj skre down, but there is something to enjoy. Half a point up and a point down depending on the wave of nostalgia you want to ride…

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