Final Fantasy 16 will be a complete experience: Currently no DLCs planned

Final Fantasy 16 launches on PS5 in less than a month. Compared to its direct predecessors, the new offshoot of the legendary JRPG series again relies on a high-fantasy setting and is absolutely convincing in the first play sessions. The whole thing is being developed by Square Enix and Unit III, who last worked on the MMO part Final Fantasy 14 Online. While development there was geared towards adding new stories to the world and characters on a regular basis, FF16 is different. There are currently no DLCs planned.

Final Fantasy 16 will not get any DLC

Recently, the studio drew attention to itself because there is probably no Day One Patch for Final Fantasy 16 should give. That’s totally unusual these days and suggests that the title might actually come out finished and playable. At the same time, however, no content will be held back either, because there are no DLC plans so far, as director Hiroshi Takai and producer Naoki Yoshida have now confirmed.

In an interview with GameInformer Yoshida said when asked about any DLC plans:

It’s a one-time game […] We require players to pay full price for this experience, and as such we want an experience that is worthy of the amount of money players are paying. And we want them to be happy with it, or even more than that.

This is also a rather unusual statement at the moment. After all, many games these days are developed directly in a way that allows for future expansions and sequels. Last but not least, if in doubt, you can earn more money this way. However, Yoshida’s statement is not final either and leaves the option open:

We have no idea if people will fall in love with Valisthea and Clive’s story and want to see more of the world and characters […] While we always want to consider DLC or spinoffs or things like that where you can learn more about the game, first we want to see if players around the world really want to see more of Valisthea and Clive, and then make that decision meet.

It is exemplary that the developers with Final Fantasy 16 first want to set up a finished and entertaining game before they immediately create a 5-year plan, which is then rejected because the game isn’t fun.

From June 22nd you can try out for yourself whether the studio manages to deliver a real hit or whether it was the right decision not to plan beyond the release at all.

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