FIFA 23, the new update brings many new features

The fifth Title Update from FIFA 23 has been announced, there’s no release date yet, but it’s generally not far off when we start talking about it. For now, however, only the moment in which the update will arrive seems to be missing, given that all the news has already been fully disclosed by Electronic Arts.

The Title Update 5 will currently only arrive on next-generation consoles and PC, downloadable through EA app, Origin, Steam and Epic Games Store. The various novelties deal with different fields, from the gameplay to the audiovisual component. First big change is the reduction of force of the through ball with guided ball which will make long-distance passing more difficult.

Going into the details of the modalities there are several bug fixesin Fifa Ultimate Team The update fixes an issue that causes a placeholder image to appear in the in-game shot comparison graph while in Fifa World Cup fixes a bug that didn’t show the various post match scenes in the finals of online tournaments. Another relevant fix is ​​the facilitation of the growth of goalkeepers in the mode Career and an improvement in stability in Pro Clubs x VOLTA FOOTBALL. These are the main changes but a complete list of the additions of this update can be found here.