fast travel, new map and weapons

The mid-season update of the Call Of Duty season 3 will arrive for Vanguard on May 24, with a new multiplayer mapand to follow on May 25, will also be available for Warzone, with a new system of fast travel.

Call of Duty season 3: Warzone

With the update will come a new single mode with up to 150 players, immersed in a map with a circle continuously closing. All players will start the game with their own equipment, a gas mask and a single token redeployment. Additionally, killing will instantly restore health and ammo, incentivizing players to play aggressively.

One of the most noticeable changes, however, concerns the new system of fast travel in Caldera, which offers 14 access points, indicated on the map and on the minimap with the symbol of a vault door. Quick travel to Caldera sounds very similar to metro travel to Verdansk: to travel by mine cart towards another hub area, players only need to interact with the circular hatch and walk towards the cart. Once this is done, the name of the destination will appear on the screen and after a few seconds of travel, the player will arrive at the destination. Lights and audio will warn of the presence of some enemy on the other side of the passage, while a green light means that traveling is safe.

The update also introduces a new one Peak in Warzone. There Vanguard Serpentine was added to provide players with the ability to move around the map in greater safety, as it reduces damage from bullets, explosives, and fire damage by 20%. Players who shoot an enemy using the Serpentine will see a snake indicator appear which will serve to notify that more damage needs to be done.

In addition, three new objects have been added: the Gulag tokenobjects that increase the speed and the token redeployment. The former is easily found in the support crates and allows eliminated players to gain a second entry into the Gulag. The redeployment token, on the other hand, allows eliminated players to return to the field without go through the Gulag.

The areas with high loot valuewho were originally subjects of the limited time mode “monarch operation“, Are now available in standard matches and will have random positions for each match.

The smaller Warzone map will also host an in-game event. Activision revealed that at certain points in Rebirth Resurgence games, players may be alerted to a scan. At this point, the players will have to go to the prone position or their coordinates will be revealed and marked on the opponents’ map.


The Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone update will bring a new operator, weapons and multiplayer map. “SphereIs described as a small multiplayer map with a weapons lab. The new weapon, on the other hand, called “H4 Blixen“, Is described as a pistol that offers mobility and accuracy in medium-range combat. In the end, Kim Tae Young she is the final operator of Task Force Harpy and is obtained by purchasing the bundle that concerns her.

The news does not end there: the update will also bring the bundle “Spilled Ink“, Which includes an operator skin with tattoos. Additional bundles will include Vanguard weapon skins, and one of them introduces a mode theme Zombie.

As Activision releases new content for Vanguard and Warzone, new leaks have already popped up on Modern Warfare 2 and the Warzone sequel.