Fart OLED Steam Deck, or its more powerful version?

When the Steam Deck was released, Valve said that it would gradually release new, more powerful versions or modified versions. It seems, however, that they have encountered reality and it will not happen so quickly.

Pierre-Loup Griffais, a Valve developer, said more about the OLED model for the Steam Deck:

At Valve, we understand the technological limitations of the Deck, those related to its screen. We want him better too. Let’s go all the way to make him stick. But when replacing the screen, there is much more that would need to be replaced.

I think that they often look at things only as a small right, and think that they can be easily implemented. But the reality is that the screen is the core of the device. Vetko is anchored on it. Basically, everything is built around everything else when we are talking about such a small device. I think it would cost more work than people think.

Likewise, Valve is not going to release the Steam Deck either, and Griffais said that the monos handheld has been in this state for a whole generation, that is, several years. I expect this feature to be an optimization goal for developers for years to come.

But as we have seen with the last games, Steam Deck doesn’t do it as well as it should, and some games can be cut down to 1.6 Tflops, but on a weak processor it seems to cut down. Falling framerate, stuttering in new nron games is standard and will only get worse.

It is not the first ideal decision that the competition will not be this year with some powerful handhelds. For example, Ayaneo 2 has almost double the performance. Likewise, Ayaneo also has OLED versions, as do other companies.