Far Cry 6, trailer and release date for the DLC Lost Between Worlds

Also new with a free demo and NG+ mode

There are big news coming for Far cry 6. During a livestream held last night, ubisoft has unveiled several upcoming content in the latest chapter of its famous series. From an extended demo to an update introducing New Game+, there’s truly enough to keep fans happy. Without forgetting a new expansion, complete with a release date.

Far Cry 6, the new update introduces the NG+

Let’s start right from the free demo, available right now on all gaming platforms. The proof of Far cry 6 allows us to explore and liberate the first island, Isla Sanctuary, keeping progress in case of any purchase of the game. This is an excellent opportunity to enter the community of millions of fans of the game and to discover the qualities that have made it defined by critics as the best iteration of the series.

A new update also introduces the mode New Game+, in order to start the story over but with all the weapons and improvements acquired during the first run and to relive the missions with a new approach. The so-called function is also introduced Completionist Aiddedicated to all those who want to explore and complete the possibilities offered by Far Cry 6 to 100%. With this function it is even more convenient to keep track of progress in each area of ​​the map.

The video also exposed the numerous innovations introduced in the title since its launch, such as the Guerrilla Mode, ideal for New Game+ or co-op sessions. We are talking about a new level of extreme difficulty, with tougher enemies and less ammo available. There’s also the new weapon switching system, with four additional slots so you’ll never run out of bullets. And let’s not forget the four single-player or co-op Special Ops and three crossover missions with Danny Trejo, Rambo And Stranger Things.

The real highlight of the evening, however, was the trailer for Lost Between Worlds, the new DLC for Far Cry 6 arriving on December 6th at the price of 19.99 euros. The presentation video shows the sci-fi drift of the story, centered on space-time fractures that the protagonist Dani Rojas he will have to learn to manage to find his way home. Ubisoft presents this expansion as content Action-packed with deadly crystal enemies, multiple player paths, brand new lore, and a variety of unique challenges.