fans try to rebuild Vice City based on leaks

The leak of Grand Theft Auto 6, which occurred over the weekend, has allowed the dissemination of several images and videos in the preliminary phase. Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have tried to reduce the phenomenon but, of course, it was not enough. The material has now ended up in the hands of the players e the latter have decided to try to rebuild the new Vice City of GTA 6 based, in fact, on the stolen material. Meanwhile, it is reported that perhaps the authorities have managed to reach the person responsible for the attack, a 17-year-old British citizen.

As reported by Kotaku, a group of players are trying to give an estimate of what the open-world map of GTA 6 will be. A process not unprecedented for the series, given that in the past we saw something similar with Grand Theft Auto 5. To differentiate the two projects, however, is the way in which these images are obtained, being GTA 5 estimates made on the first trailer released at the time.

This prompts fans to have to travel a bit of imagination to try to better connect the various areas seen on the map. In addition to being based on the views, also linking them to the equivalent of Miami and the previous version of Vice City, fans are also trying to orient themselves with the mini-map seen in the leaks, trying to replicate some roads, as well as the borders.


Clearly, this project is not to be considered 100% reliable., also given the scarcity of material to draw from, but it can give us a maximum on the map created by Rockstar Games. The reconstruction of the fans shows Vice City, probably built on the archipelago, while at the far right we can find another group of islands. In the north-west area (?) We find instead a huge expanse of land crossed by a river. Did they get us? We will find out only by living.

Meanwhile, some developers have given their support to Rockstar. Neil Druckmann comforted the team with a Tweetwhile other developers and industry professionals have disproved a user’s falsehoods about the game. This leak, unfortunately, is cost Take-Two a lot, as evidenced by the huge loss on the stock market. Despite this, Rockstar Games intends to continue with the developments.

Source: Gamespot