fan has found a GTA San Andreas easter egg [Spoiler]

Cyberpunk 2077, a title that has caused many headaches for CD Projekt RED, is in the midst of its rebirth. Thanks to the constant support of the developers, tens of thousands of players have returned to experience new adventures in the infamous streets of Night City. Precisely this newfound popularity has brought with it interesting new content made by fans, such as Night City Cop. But that’s not all because several players are hunting new easter eggs never noticed in the past.

This is precisely the case of a Reddit user who recently came across a conversation clearly inspired by GTA San Andreas. Benjibooo, this is the user’s name, has in fact shared on the platform the photo of a conversation on the shard found near the railway that leads to the Badlands. The protagonists of the dialogue are JC extension And Little Smoke. The two are intent on organizing a coup that involves stopping a train even if things don’t seem to be going well.

The most attentive players will not have taken long to catch the reference to CJ’s adventure in Los Santos. Specifically, the Cyberpunk 2077 dialogue refers to one of the missions that made players suffer the most, “Wrong side of the tracks“. In the mission in question the protagonist CJ, together with Big Smoke, set out in pursuit of a train on a motorcycle. The CD Projekt RED guys must be very fond of this mission, so much so that they have included a reference to the famous phrase that has become a meme in their game “You just had to follow that damn train, CJ!“.


For those interested in finding this shard Benjibooo explained that to find the conversation just go to the entrance to the city in the Badlands. Once you reach this location you will have to keep to the right and the memory chip will be placed on the tracks located before the tunnel entrance.

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Source: Reddit