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Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Fallen Order sequel is coming

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is definitely a title to keep your eyes on. The direct sequel to Jedi: The Fallen Order can only intrigue us but for now we have to settle for only a small trailer, so let’s try to understand together what we can expect. Naturally the combat system will not be changed excessively and we are convinced that the Sekiro-like will remain so even in the sequel.

The last time we had left ours Cal Kestis in a really complex situation and that seems to be the point where we will return to the work. In the short video we find the reconfirmation of the development studio, the excellent Respawn under the supervision of Electronic Arts, and a generic coming in 2023. In addition to this, nothing on the release, whether it will be only for next gen or if it will also be released on PC, but we do not think there is to worry about the latter doubt.

In the cinematics we can see fragments of our spaceship destroyed and the protagonist busy in a fight to the last sword of light against a Sith. In addition to this we are presented with a “man” immersed in a containment cell to which an oxygen tube is connected. This character it will be an integral part of the plot so to find out more we’ll just have to wait. In recent interviews with Respawn the company has stated its main intentions for this title and most of them concern the technical plan.

Quoting Stig Asmussen, the game director of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, “we think the biggest news is the implementation of ray tracing that has allowed us to create a real-time lighting system of a quality that goes far beyond anything we have produced so far“. We also remember that the technology that uses ray tracing allows modelers to refine the rest of the setting much more quickly, which at this point we can expect even more amazing. For other news, guides and original content, keep following us here on MonkeyBit and on our social networks.