Fallen Dynasty will reward parry a lot! Made several balances compared to the Demo

Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty will be a game that, as explained in the other articles, will differ greatly from Nioh and Ninja Gaiden. From the narrative to the management of the game map, almost every element has been changed. Among these we also find the gameplay, which will differ a lot from Nioh, going to emphasize the parry and the detours with the white weapon in a more forceful way, something similar to Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

A different approach compared to Nioh which, although with some builds it was possible to parry, rewarded dodging more. As Team Ninja explains, this aspect has been deliberately researched so as to give players the possibility to choose when to be defensive and when to go on the attack. To do this, the team has developed a much smoother gameplay, and this will also affect the possibilities of approach during the clashes.

Team Ninja has not only sought a fine gameplay that could be tasty for players from a purely technical point of view, but also from the point of view of involvement. “All these mechanics aim not only to feel freedom in combat, but also Chinese martial arts”an aspect on which Team Ninja pushed particularly in Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty.


To this will then be added a different approach to the loot, given by the nature of the title. In Nioh, explains Team Ninja, the focus was on impersonating a samurai and consequently develop mechanics that could highlight the typical skills of the warrior. Players had to learn to take full advantage of the skills and understand, above all, when to use them. That depth in the mechanics then expanded into the sequel thanks to the addition of Yokai skills.

In Wo-Long: Fallen Dyansty, however, we will have a title more focused on pure action, making the game even easier for a first-time player to understand. Team Ninja is also aware that this is a new IP and, consequently, wanted to do something well defined and distinguishable from Nioh.

In the end, Team Ninja explained that several changes have been made compared to the Demo seen a few weeks ago on PS5 and Xbox Series, especially regarding health potions or parry time. To these will also be added other elements that will be refined between now and the release of Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty, which we remember to be fixed at March 3, 2023 on PC, old-gen and current-gen consoles.

Source: WccfTech