Fallen Dynasty will be much bigger than Nioh and will have an identity of its own, Team Ninja assures

Team Ninja has granted a substantial interview to WccfTech, revealing new details about his next work: Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty. This intriguing Action will not aim to replace Nioh, another successful series of the studio, but to propose itself as something alternative and with its own identity.

Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty will present indeed a gameplay much more similar to that seen with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twicewhere more emphasis will be given to parry. The approach to the missions and the narrative will also be different, taking some space from past Team Ninja productions. The same, of course, it will also apply to the size of the game itself, which as we recall will be set in China.

The title will in fact be much more “open” than Nioh. This will not only depend on the addition of mechanics such as jumping, but on the setting itself. Team Ninjataking advantage of the fact that Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty will be set in China, he wanted to give the player the feeling of being in a much bigger place than Japan. To do this, the team played a lot on landscapes, offering unique views that are lost visibly, as well as castles and gigantic buildings.


Although Team Ninja has set up the game with the intention of pushing the player to move forward in the main quest, there will be deviations that will lead us to better explore the scenarios in which we will come across. This will allow the player to get great rewards that he can use in the main quest. For the pure and raw open world, Team Ninja concludes, there will be Rise of the Ronin, this time centered on the figure of a ninja.

Wo-Long Fallen Dynasty will be released on PC, PlayStation consoles and Xbox consoles on March 3, 2023. The game will be cross-gen and on PC will feature NVIDIA DLSS support.

Source: WccfTech