Fallen Dynasty, different approach from Nioh in the narration, but not in the missions!

Thanks to an interview granted to WccfTech, we have become aware of numerous details regarding Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty, the latest effort of Team Ninja. The authors of Nioh and Ninja Gaiden have in fact clarified that with this title there was yes, something taken from Nioh, but at the same time also a new approach that will give this title its own identity, thanks to a strong focus on storytelling itself.

Starting with the elements in common with Nioh, these will be limited to the progression system. It will again be mission-based, but with a very different approach that will distinguish this new IP from the previous one, starting first of all from a fundamental characteristic: we will control a character created by us.

This choice would be dictated by the fact that, according to the developers, the presence or absence of an already defined character would have very little influence on the gaming experience. “Having a protagonist already set helps promote any game, mcharacters like William in Nioh and Ryu Hayabusa in Ninja Gaiden don’t talk much throughout the game and as a result they don’t really contribute much to the story, so having a pre-made character wouldn’t really change the narrative.”


“The story will be very important to the whole experience”, explains Team Ninja, as it will immerse players in the game world. We will be able to “Establishing military commanders and fighting alongside them, or facing them like bosses, will be very important. Wo-Long will be focused mainly on the action, but a certain level of immersion will give players the feeling of being more involved in these action elements”.

Another important aspect, the developers say again, will be the extension of the game. Compared to Nioh, Wo-Long Fallen Dynasty will be much bigger.

Source: WccfTech