Fallen Dynasty – Battle of Zhongyuan DLC & Patch 1.08

Team Ninja has the next DLC for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty announced of himself Battle of Zhongyuan called and will appear in June. Patch 1.08, which includes a new end-game mission, is already available.

Zhongyuan, also known as Henan Province, represents the Central Plains region in Chin. Here the Huaxia consider the “Center of the World” and the “Birthplace of Chinese Civilization” to be fought over in the upcoming DLC.

This also includes a new level of difficulty, new weapons, stages and new enemies to defeat.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Battle of Zhongyuan is available from June 29th.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Battle of Zhongyuan

Where Long Fallen Dynasty Update 1.08 available

Patch 1.08 is now available, which includes new features, a new end-game mission and more on consoles. On this battlefield, morale points lost through death cannot be redeemed by re-challenging the enemy. In addition, this battlefield does not affect the conditions for acquiring the trophies/achievements “Battle Hardened” and “Hunting the Big Stag”, the ratio of conquered battlefields, or titles related to conquering battlefields.

The Crouching Dragons’ Battle Royale mode, available after Trial of Dragons, pits players against multiple bosses in a series of battles. It also adds the Martial Arts feature via the Blacksmith’s embed menu when choosing a weapon.

Team Ninja has the complete changelog for patch 1.08 your own website provided.

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