Fall Guys is 67% off on Instant Gaming

One of the hottest multiplayer titles is definitely Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout: the London-based Mediatonic team is supporting the title on an ongoing basis to guarantee players the presence of more and more content to play and skins to conquer. Recently, the developers have added cross-play and announced the arrival of the title also on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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Some information on Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Take part in a series of fun games against 59 other players online, with the aim of making it to the last stage, at which point there is a battle to the death, with only one winner. But this game does not lead the winner to take all the rewards, rather they are distributed evenly in each of the various phases.

Rewards take the form of in-game currency, skins and more; so you can change your jelly body into something unique and fun: does the pineapple head with a pink tutu sound like the trend of the moment? Done! Currency comes in either the form of “compliments” – finishing in the top five or so, or in the form of “crowns” that are won for finishing first in the levels as you play.

You play from start to finish on your own, but sometimes, especially in the early stages when the game tries to reduce those 60 starters to a more manageable number, you will be split into teams.

These are as fun and varied as the solo games. One game, Egg Scramble, involves first grabbing as many eggs as possible and then, as soon as opponents have decent loot, stealing as many from their baskets as possible. Another, Team Tail Tag has you running around, trying to grab a tail from the back of the opposing team, or – if your team was being followed – trying to evade the capture of your backside by the enemies!

You can play as a team with your real-life friends, but that doesn’t make the game cooperative – everyone stands on their own and you fight to be the best, kindergarten best friends have been warned!

The controls are simple and basic – sprint, dive, jump and grab – and you can combine them as needed to slide queues and eggs, jump obstacles and outrun the competition. The atmosphere is very similar to that of a cheerful and vaguely humiliating video game: think of Takeshi’s Castle done in animation and you are very close to it! – with cheerful and bright characters set in a world animated by cartoons.

Altogether there are over two dozen wacky minigames, and while many of the levels involve races of one kind or another, where as soon as the required number of players have crossed the finish line, everyone else is automatically out. But it’s not as burdensome as it sounds – the whole game only takes about fifteen minutes to get through the four – six levels, so you’ll barely have time to stock up on your snacks before returning to the game! The game is turbulent and raucous, stupid and wonderfully cathartic!