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Excel Esports completes a €20 million funding round

Amid its recent growth in the League of Legends European Championship scene, Excel Esports is acquiring significant new shares with the intention of continuing to grow.

UK team Excel Esports have set themselves the goal of bettering themselves after what has been seen as a lackluster season of failing to win the LEC Qualifiers thus far.

However, they also had their ups and downs, as they were able to triple their turnover in 2020, attracting enough attention from investment company JRJ Group, to acquire 20 million euros of new capital.

This funding plans to help the team bring more talent to their current LoL roster, the Fortnite roster, as well as expand into other esports titles, which they already started when they announced their Valorant roster back in March.

Infrastructure hasn’t been forgotten either, as they are about to open their new headquarters in Shoreditch, London.

XL Esports headquarters in Shoreditch, London (Photo: XL Esports)

This location will serve as a hub for administrative and operational purposes and will also be used as a reference point for its talent in broadcasting, content creation, and the organization of media and partner events.

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We’re likely to see a lot of movement from within, as its growth will also require increasing its workforce in everything from content creation to marketing.

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