Evil West, Digital Foundry’s video analysis compares the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions

Evil West is the protagonist of the recent video analysis by the well-known English magazine Digital Foundry

Evil West, title developed by the boys of Flying Wild Hogshas passed under the magnifying glass of the boys of Digital Foundry who, with disarming punctuality, analyzed the performance of the stock from a technical point of view. Performance that unfortunately did not fully convince the English newspaper which, if it promotes the artistic side of the title, completely rejects what is the graphic rendering and its optimization.

Oliver Mackenziecurator of the video analysis, expressed himself positively regarding the artistic goodness of scenarios that we’re going to explore with our vampire slayer, especially as regards the scenic rendering of the image that knows how to defend itself quite well, just as he spoke positively of what is the effects dedicated to killings and how return a fair sense of satisfaction with each kill completed by Jesse. The critical issues, however, are revealed when the technical part of the title is analyzed.

Evil west 3 1

The title published by Focus Entertainment it features two main graphics modes on current generation consoles PS5 And Xbox Series X/Sthe aforementioned graphic modes are divided into one dedicated to performance, where the title has a resolution of 1080p And 60fpswhile the second mode is focused on resolution, aiming for i 4k And 30fps.

Criticism prompted by Digital Foundry it is mainly aimed at the performance mode which, net of not always excellent textures, has a resolution that is unjustifiably too low for the power of the new generation consoles. One of the main criticisms also concerns the resolution of the mode 4k from PS5 which, according to what reported by Digital Foundry stops at a resolution of 1728p. Evil West it was, therefore, covertly rejected on the technical sector which, as underlined by Mackenziehas undergone significant limitations most likely due to the cross-gen nature of the title.

Evil West

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