Evil Dead: The Game, sales exceed half a million copies

The charm of Ash Williams it has few equals, and the same is also true for its videogame form. The bold hero armed with a chainsaw and his friends (and some enemies) are in fact the protagonists of Evil Dead: The Gamegame with a strong multiplayer setting (here our review) and who apparently managed to capture the interest of the public.

In the Q4 Report of Embracer Group, we can in fact hear the CEO of Saber Interactive Matthew Karch declare how the creation of his studio sold half a million copies in just five days. Karch goes on to explain how the game surpassed the achievements of World War Z over the same period, and how Saber has great faith in the possibilities of Evil Dead: The Game, which will of course continue to receive support and new content over the next few months. Curiously, Matthew Karch also points out how the title is “The first of a new franchise for Saber”. Possible reference to other projects set in the horror universe created by Sam Raimi?