Epic Games Store gives away BioShock: The Collection

Epic Games Store gives one title after another and this week also makes the big hit in the hearts of gamers; in the last few days the free download of Borderlands 3, thus obtainable for life in one’s own library. In this case we are talking about BioShock and not only the first title, but all those released to date thanks to BioShock: The Collection.

The first and second chapter, together with Infinite, offer an extraordinary videogame experience that over the years has managed to maintain a certain fame; award-winning for their history, venture to the cities of Rapture and Columbia to save not only the protagonist, but also the future. Don’t expect updated graphics, worthy of 2022, but it still turns out to have aged very well to be a saga of at least 12 years ago. We also talked about it in our weekly column Old But Gold and we advise you to read the article about it. You will find insights, curiosities and the general history of the first chapter.

Epic Games Store: what will be the next title?

We still don’t know what the next title in the platform’s gift program will be; the deadline to be able to redeem the three games at once remains certain. You will have time until next Thursday at 17:00, until the next mystery game is revealed. Remember that the Bioshock saga will remain in your library forever and you will have to carry out the correct purchase procedure through this link.

In addition, there are currently several sales within the store, which could save you a lot of money over the course of these days. The event of the Mega Sale will end on June 30th and you can get extra exclusive discounts of 25% for every purchase you make. Which game will join your library? If you don’t know which discounted games we are talking about, then we recommend that you read our article about it. Good fun!