Endzone A World Apart: Survivor Edition Review

It’s easy to say management, but in today’s videogame world it is necessary to be more precise between videogame genres and sub-genres; in this case, with Endzone A World Apart: Survivor Edition, we are facing a city-builder in a post-apocalyptic setting. A simple word changes the contents of a videogame product a lot.

“In 2021, a group of terrorists caused the explosion in a large area of ​​various nuclear power plants scattered around the world, plunging the entire planet into utter chaos. Only a few managed to take refuge in underground bunkers called . 150 years later, under your command, humanity has decided to return to the surface! In an extremely hostile environment, continually hit by radiation, contaminated rains and climate change, the survivors are looking for a better life… ”.

Endzone A World Apart: Survivor Edition – upgrade for next-gen

Before continuing with our review, I invite you to take a look at ours original Endzone A World Apart review (Link here), which refers to the title in its basic version, played on old generation consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4). The one we have tested to date, after 2 years, is in fact the version optimized for next-gen (Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5).

there Survivor Edition contains, among other things, too 2 additional expansions: Prosperity and Halloween, both of which bring new scenarios and in-game items. But now let’s stop the chatter and let’s jump into it Endzone A World Apart: Survivor Edition review.

Technical sector: simple but impactful!

As a city-builder, a title has to worry about offering good detail of the game elements both from a distance and from close up, as the management of a large territory requires that you always have control over all the areas in which the managed population is present. by the player. Well, in Endzone A World Apart, the boys of Gentlymad Studios they played a great optimization work on next-gen.

The title runs smoothly in 4K and 60Fps and, although in general the graphic sector does not scream a miracle and the animations of the many characters on the screen can be a little awkward if analyzed in detail, the overview that is returned to the player is still satisfying: in every moment of the game we will be immersed in a post-apocalyptic world that changes and evolves (almost always for the worse).

Endzone a world apart research station

City Builder and little else: threats are faced with few decisions to make …

The true nature of Endzone A World Apart is, as already said several times since the beginning of the review, that of city-builder: the focal point of the title is in fact to build, starting from 0, an increasingly thriving post-apocalyptic camp, eventually erecting real self-sufficient cities. The enemies and obstacles faced by the player will not be animals and / or mutant monsters, as in the best chapters of the Fallout series, but, rather, much more realistic things within a nuclear apocalypse.

The survival of your fellow citizens will lie in the choices you make during the encounters with the difficulties triggered by the nuclear disaster:

  • Radiation and chemical rains, which will contaminate the water, the fields of work and everything that will be included in their range of action.
  • Need to clean up the surrounding area as much as possible, in order to cultivate and / or raise uncontaminated livestock.
  • Explore for new survivors who might join your camp etc.etc.

The storage of purified water of help in dry periods of rivers, as well as you will have to decide whether to spend resources on the protection of your workers or on the education of the children in the camp. In Endzone A World Apart there will be no fights or troops to command, with a few clicks you will have to choose the right path to follow for the ultimate survival of mankind from time to time. Nuclear nature will be your only and greatest enemy!

Endzone a world apart camp

Game Modes: Tutorial, Survival and Scenario

Here are the details game mode present in the title:

  • Tutorial: obviously a mandatory step before launching into the actual game, this will give you the measure of all the elements present in future games, including the use of resources, the difference between the various buildings, the strengthening of the latter and many other useful information. To be completed without ifs and buts.
  • Survival: Put yourself in command of a small group of survivors of the nuclear disaster and make them survive for as long as possible. There are no goals to achieve or situations that will lead you to victory, you will just have to resist as long as you can until the inevitable (?) Game over arrives.
  • Scenario: Will you be able to store a certain number of scrap within the time limit? Or to keep the number of your population from dropping beyond a minimum? In this mode you will have to give all your knowledge and skills to reach a specific goal and thus get to victory.

Endzone to World Apart: in conclusion

The next-gen turning point for this title might seem almost silly, but in reality it is a great way to restore vigor to a title that is all in all pleasant and very (re) playable. In the end we are always faced with a title that makes its atmosphere its strong point. The challenges that will be proposed to us will never put us in real difficulty, enough to lead us to the game over without any hope; by making the right decisions, you can always get to victory. The final satisfaction, as well as the larger one, it will be the eye-catcher when you see our settlement getting bigger and more prosperous… as they did in the early 2000s’.