employees complain for gender discrimination

A former PlayStation employee has sued Sony again, it is the second time he tries to take the company to court for what the cause describes as: “discrimination and abuse on the basis of gender“. This second attempt comes after a similar lawsuit was rejected last month.

PlayStation business systems analyst Emma Mojo has worked for the company for five years, and wanted to denounce the fact that she had worked in an environment of “systemic sexism” in the company, who offered lower payments to female employees, compared to those received by male colleagues, in the exact same role. Not to mention that the upper floors did not allow women to get promotions. From the woman’s allegations, it appears that discrimination within Sony PlayStation only concerned women or those who felt they were.

Emma Mojo herself claimed to losing his job for pointing out these injusticeshere is his full statement:

Sony tolerates and cultivates a work environment that discriminates against female employees, including those who identify as such. Due to this systemic pattern and practices of gender discrimination Plaintiff and proposed members of the cause have suffered from abuse and violence including loss of compensation, back wages, denied benefits and emotional suffering.

Despite some of the accusations made by the former employee of are the same as in the last case, the woman’s target it seems to be very limited. Instead of seeking damages from all US PlayStation employees involved, it is limited to those who have worked in California, from the lowest role to vice president onwards. This move was probably made to prevent the case from being rejected again, as has happened previously.

After Mojo’s move, eight other PlayStation employees have decided to take a step forward and they supported these allegations.

When working at Sony Online Entertainment, I received an email from an engineer who explained to me that I don’t have to wear a skirt to work because it was distracting. Men made rankings of their female colleagues based on their beauty level. There were email exchanges with lists and pushy jokes, along with pictures of women. 4chan was used during the work day to share other offensive images of the women.

Kotakuwho reported this news, also requested comments from Sony PlayStation, but at the moment there is silence.