Emilia Clarke ready to join the MCU with the Marvels?

Every new movie or show by Marvel Cinematic Universe is an event, this also implies that every new actor who enters the MCU universe does it in great secret, and in the specific case we will talk about Emilia Clarke. In fact, the actress was recently confirmed at work on Secret Invasion, a Disney + television series set right in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The role that the actress will play in that TV series is not currently confirmed, however there are some around rumors that they would also see it present in The Marvels. Currently, the release date of the film, barring delays, is set for July 28, 2023, while the television series Secret Invasion has not yet been announced. It is therefore difficult to predict in which TV show, if anything the rumor were true, we will see it first.

According to some rumors, his character in The Marvels should have some connection with the alien race Skrull. The Marvels, as we already know, is a sequel to Captain Marvel released in 2019, which introduced the public to the race of the Skrulls and a younger version of Nick Fury.

It is logical to assume that there may be links between Captain Marvel, Secret Invasion, and Ms. Marvel the new television series coming to Disney + and which we have already talked about in this article. And those connections may well reside in the alien race of the Skrulls.

The reasoning according to which Emilia Clarke could play Verankethe queen of the Skrull Empire, in both Secret Invasion and The Marvels. However, it could only represent a “poetic” vision generated by the fact that the actress played the role of the queen of dragons in Game of Thrones.

As usual we would like to remind you that the probable presence of Emilia Clarke in the MCU in The Marvels represents a rumor currently unconfirmed, and may not exactly reflect the course of future events. We just have to wait patiently for further information on the matter.

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