Elex 2: Patch available that fixes graphical problems

Elex 2

Piranha Bytes has announced the release of the first major patch of Elex 2, which addresses several graphics problems in the game, in particular those related to screen tearing. For now, the full patch is only available for PC, but in the near future, it should also arrive on consoles. Meanwhile, on PS4 and PS5 it is possible to download an update that solves the problem of tearing, which is very much felt on consoles.

What does patch 1 do? Meanwhile, it solves the compatibility problems with some video cards, in particular those with VEGA chipset. It also reduces the size of the meshes while increasing the mesh cache. Also fixed a bug that fragmented the mesh cache over time and another related to controller support. Also fixed several minor bugs.

Elex 2 screen tearing fix

In short, the download and installation of Patch 1 are recommended for all those who are playing Elex 2 and want a better game.