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Headquartered in Redwood City, California, USA, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) is a pioneering creator network for building direct partnerships with various creators.EA Creator Network“Started.

So far, this site EAA has also been selected as a network.EA Game ChangersHowever, this was a closed system that was uniquely selected from all over the world (application became possible later). On the other hand, the EA Creator Network, which has been greatly enhanced by EA Game Changers, makes it easier than ever for various creators to apply for membership from a simple online form regardless of the size of the platform or the type of art. You can now join and contribute to the community.

Aims and prospects of “EA Creator Network”

“EA Creator Network” is YouTuber, photographer, podcaster, artist, cosplayer, animator, etc.Connecting with new communities on different platformsA network aimed at. By increasing the opportunities for content to be featured in the EA ecosystem, creator brands will be able to connect with EA and EA players through proper and credible storytelling.

Members of the creator networkAdvance access to the gameNot only that, but with benefits such as EA Mentorship, Guidance and Resources, you can create exciting content about your favorite games.EA’s partnership, which spans the gaming world, provides content with exciting opportunities for creators, such as attending featured events and collaborating with other talents.Adds a new perspective that players can enjoy.. In addition to content creation opportunities, the Design Council Game Feedback program on the Creator Network allows these diverse player groups to engage with the development team throughout the design and implementation stages and share their views on upcoming titles. Possible.

Last September, EA set up the Creator Network to help game creators create compelling content and tell their own stories about the games they love. With this soft launch, his more than 2,000 creators, including players from more than 97 countries, have joined his network of FIFA, The Sims, Battlefield, Apex Legends and other EA games.

Because EA will make a real difference in the games we offer to the community,By the end of 2022, 5,000 people worldwideHe wants to grow into a network of active creators that exceeds.

What is “EA Creator Network”?

A network of diverse creators from all over the world with different backgrounds, genres, and the number of fans. You can receive content requests for your favorite brands and titles via your mobile phone, desktop PC or tablet. Project details for content with different rewards will be provided for each, and each creator will eventually submit it as content. In addition to being used and distributed by EA, the submitted content can be announced on each creator’s channel, performance data of the reaction to the content can be acquired, and the dashboard can be checked in real time. After the project is over, the creators will be paid.

Apply for participation in “EA Creator Network”

Even though the registration site for the EA Creator Network is only available in two languages, English and the other are Japanese. Gamers who have already entered various information such as personal information and favorite games with their EA account will automatically enter the relevant items, so it is easy to apply.

However, EA Creator Network is a casual application such as “participate in beta test”notName, address, sign contract, etc.Serious contractis. At the moment, it may be difficult to pass unless you are a top-class creator in each country, but if you are a creator, please apply for participation!

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