Elden Ring: some cut content leaks!

Elden Ring it is certainly a title capable of capturing a good slice of players. He is the spiritual heir of the souls and since the release has not made a turn, keeping anyone who decides to trust him glued to the screen.

Today, however, we are not here to bring you yet another secret behind the title but to tell you how there have been some cuts to the game. If you are curious, stay with us and you will certainly not be disappointed

Elden Ring: content cut!

Elden Ring is an immense game, capable of capturing players for hours and hours! Being able to find every single secret within the game is certainly not easy and many players are still trying.

If that’s not enough for you, FromSoftware has even cut some content that would have made the game even bigger. That’s right, our lightless, would have been engaged in the journey for a long time in the original work, for various reasons, however, the company had to cut some campaign and mechanics on the durability of the weapons.

As we all know, in fact, the final version of the game does not present this mechanic on weapons. Beyond this though, it is recent news that dataminer Nullrinn has found an entire quest associated with Mimic Tear Summon Ash.

Elden ring

That’s right, a whole quest cut. In particular, instead of obtaining it later, players should have received it immediately after completing the quest of the NPC Asimi which in case you do not remember, appears in Sepolcride as Silver Tear. After praying to have spared his life, Asimi would have convinced the player to drink it all, in order to enter into a sort of symbiotic relationship, offering a particular power in return.

But that’s not all, because after entering the underground cities, Asimi told the player to leave in search of two glasses that would help her become a “perfect whole”. At the end of the conversation, the NPC would have abandoned the player to return in the form of a perfect clone of the same.

Elden Ring Enemies

In the next dialogue it would be discovered that Asimi’s plan was to defeat the player and take his place as Elden Lord after his death. Finally, there would be the classic boss fight and once the opponent was defeated the player would receive the Mimic Tear Ash.

Not really small stuff, surely you will be eating your hands too due to not being able to access this content in Elden Ring!