Elden Ring in 4 players will be possible thanks to a mod

A mod will enter beta this week on PC by Elden Ring that will make gamers happy, this mod will in fact introduce the online cooperative mode up to 4 players with shared progression. Although in the video game of FromSoftware a cooperative mode is already foreseen, this however represents only a fleeting possibility to face the bosses without being alone.

A video from YouTube user LukeYui would show summoning a few players to the first Site of Grace, who apparently seem to be able to stay in the game as long as they want. Summoned players could remain even after the match host dies, unlike the normal course of the game which should take them back to their respective worlds.

If the beta is successfulthis means that Elden Ring gamers on PC will have the opportunity to face and complete the whole adventure in the company of three other friends, which is certainly not a trivial matter. This mod also takes into account the other limitations of Elden Ring multiplayer.

It will be possible to summon mounts from all players, it will be possible to activate “friendly fire” by enabling a PvP option, items released by bosses will be available to all players in the game, progress will be shared, and much more.

The betaexcept for delays, will start on May 27 but LukeYui has not yet provided details, such as the duration of this beta or the official release date of the mod. It should be added that the modder scene has brought some rather wacky characters to Elden Ring.

Characters from Star Wars, One Piece, and also a mod that allows you to relive the whole story of Berserk in Elden Ring (great work of the late Kentaro Miura), in the role of Gatsu. Last but not least, a mod is in development that would make Elden Ring a VR title, even a decidedly captivating one.

Among other things, it will make you smile knowing that even Elon Musk plays Elden Ring and has recently unveiled his build, you can read the full article by following this link.