“Elden Ring has priority”

Nothing to do for those who hoped to reopen the hunt. FromSoftware has no plans to “resurrect” Bloodborne whether it’s with a sequel or remastered of the 2015 game. This is not exactly new. Over the past few years, the software house has reiterated on several occasions that it does not have, for the moment, any intention of putting a hand to one of the most popular video games of the last generation. Because?

Well, to have the space to also experiment with new stories and new worlds, such as Sekiro and Elden Ring. Just Elden Ring could now be the main cause of the “postponement” of the plans (if there ever were, of course). To report everything is the usual Jeff Grubb. The Venture Beat reporter, host of the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast, recounted what his sources told him. Apparently, at the moment, the entire studio of Hidetaka Miyazaki – in which Sony and Tencent have invested – is committed to supporting Elden Ring. The game, launched this February, continues to be very successful and it is therefore normal to want to push it as much as possible.

Later, Grubb also states that there is a further problem. The Bloodborne code would be quite “delicate”, impossible to entrust it to an external studio. Even if you want to proceed in that direction, however, part of FromSoftware’s resources should supervise the work of colleagues.


At the moment, therefore, any projects (if ever there were, of course) will have to await the full maturity of Elden Ring or, in any case, more propitious moments.

The desire of the players to have something Bloodborne themed however is still great. Rumors and indiscretions are wasted. Still in 2022, however, we do not have a PC edition (it should be noted that Sony’s opening to the mouse and keyboard world is relatively recent) neither an upgrade to PlayStation 5, neither free nor paid.

Fortunately, some users take the situation with irony. Just before the State of Play in June, someone has circulated a fake leak of the lineup of the event and … nothing, you have to read it for yourself.

Source: Jeff Grubb