Elden Ring has introduced two more classes.

Elden Ring

The premiere of Elden Ring is fast approaching. From Software is more and more boldly revealing more cards, this time showing two new character classes.

The souls classic in the new edition sounds promising.

  • Samurai and confessors at the Elden Ring

The upcoming gigantic production from From Software will certainly overwhelm much rich lore. Especially that this time for its co-creation is responsible none other than George R. R. Martin himself, the author of “A Song of Ice and Fire”. It’s no surprise that some character classes seem very “bizarre.

Elden Ring Samurai

This time we were shown two more – the Samurai and the Confessor. And although the former seems extremely attractive to fans of katana or long-range fighting (he will also be able to use bows well enough), it is the Confessor who puts an interesting foundation for the lore of the new world.

Elden Ring Confessor

A confessor is “a church spy specializing in covert operations. He handles the sword as well as the spells.” It sounds intriguing and it will probably become one of the most popular classes to choose from. The classic melee weapon + magic set was a fairly common character Buoyle in the Dark Souls series.

As the hardware has been shared recently. In addition to that, gamers should expect a really rich content production.