Elden Ring, Elon Musk shares his gear and fans mock him

Tesla’s founder has decided to make his equipment known, but fans don’t seem to be very happy

Since its release, Elden Ring has met with great success among fans of the genre and not. The new work of FromSoftware has in fact sold more than 13 million copies around the world, far exceeding the achievements of other games from the same development team. That of Elden Ring it is such a huge success that it involves very influential personalities, such as for example Elon Musk.

The founder of Teslawith a recent twitter on his profile Twitter official, he wanted to share with all his followers the build of his characterbut things have taken a decidedly unexpected turn. Musk it was indeed criticized by fans who did not consider his choices appropriate.

Elon Musk’s build on Elden Ring wreaks havoc among game fans

In the tweet published by Muskwhich you can see at the bottom of the article, you can see how his character belongs to the class of wizards and be on the level 111. Musk has decided to equip his character with high intelligence, vitality and mind, without disdaining some strengths and dexterity, so that he can handle weapons such as the Veiled Moon and the Rapier by Rogier. In addition, it can be seen that he has ben with him two shieldsprobably to be able to take advantage of different types of defenses.

As for the armor, however, Musk is using aheavy armor in such a way that you can increase your defense, while at the same time wearing a Plague Seal which allows you to lower the defense to increase different stats. And, furthermore, it appears that he has not equipped the life and AP recovery flasks.

These choices have been criticized (and not a little) by several players of Elden Ring who do not agree at all with the choices made by the inventor of Tesla. It is probable that these criticisms are also leveled for the figure who Elon Musk represents (very controversial), rather than to criticize the game choices per se.

Surely the one proposed by Musk It’s not the most optimized build there is, but the beauty of games like Elden Ring it is precisely the possibility of being able to give ample space to one’s imagination and to be able to play as you prefer. There are no written rules, each player interprets everything in his own way. We remember, in fact, that there are many users who impose themselves on malus in such a way that you can increase the level of challenge.